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Originally, Laksa (Aka Curry Laksa) is a mouth-watering and delicious Peranakan dish. But interestingly, this palatable dish is successfully winning the hearts of Singaporeans and Malaysians. In fact, people considered it the best treat for their stomachs. Generally, this dish comes with three popular variations, including Sarawak Laksa, Assam Laksa & Curry Laksa. Out of all these variations, Curry Laksa is quite well-liked and predominant in Singapore, and you can find it on every Laksa stall easily. Nevertheless, another significant type known as Albet is also available in Singapore, but nothing can match the taste and popularity of curry laksa. 

No doubt, everyone loves Laksa for different reasons, but mainly its gravy and well-cooked combination of cockles, shrimp pasta, and coconut milk makes it worth trying. Well, everyone knows that Katong Laksas always try their best to win the title of best Laksa in Singapore; but Singapore is blessed with some other Laksa stalls as well. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out some of the most popular Laksa stalls in Singapore worth your valuable time and money. 

  1. 328 Katong Laksa

If you are thinking about Katong Laksa, the name of 328 Katong Laksa automatically came to your mind. Interestingly, this stall provides unmatchable services for the last 22 years, and still, this place never fails to satisfy the customers. Let us share a surprise that about 328 Katong Laksa that one of the most renowned chefs Gordon Ramsey challenged the Laksa of this place, and guess who won? Definitely, 328 Katong Laksa due to it’s out of ordinary taste. 

This famous stall’s very-first chain is located in Easter Coast Road, but its ambiance has got impressive now. You can still enjoy their Laksa by paying $5.50 as Laksa comes with a soup spoon and sambal on its side. Most of the fans say this piping hot bowl and spicy hot Katong Laksa aren’t as delicious as it used to be. But don’t worry; opinions vary from person to person. Simply visit the place and share your own words of mouth. 

  1. 928 Yishun Laksa

Before we explain anything about this place, let us tell you one thing: the reputation of this place is quite exaggerated. The bad reviews and perilous opinions about the place shouldn’t discourage you as this stall still serves one of the delicious Laksas in Singapore. 

Perhaps you need to wait for an hour to get the desired Yishun Laksa in your hand, but it is undoubtedly worth the wait. This stall offers Laksa at the most affordable price of $2.80 per bowl but if you want to add more ingredients, then pay $0.50 for it. Also, cockles are available at a reasonable price of $1, and it makes serving size surprisingly big for you. 

You can choose any noodles with a great variety of ingredients, including bean curd puffs, crunchy bean sprouts, fish cake, boiled eggs, and crabstick too. The inclusion of home-made sambal makes their Laksa more spicy, yummy, and thick. So, don’t you think such rumors are quite exaggerated? Just visit the place and prove them wrong. 

  1. Janggut Laksa

The Crayfish Laksa is the real specialty of this outlet. Moreover, adding dried shrimp makes their piquant coconut milk spicier, creamier, tastier, and thicker. Additionally, some other core ingredients are bean sprouts, thick bee hon, cockles, prawns, fish cake, and Laksa leaves. Imaging the great combination of all these ingredients as their fine mixtures makes the Laksa super tasty, aromatic, and full of flavors. Generally, the regular bowl is available at an economical price of $5. In contrast, for Crayfish Laksa, you will have to pay some extra money. Cryafish Laksa is available at $9.50 but keeps some extra cash with you as you might crave for another Crayfish Laksa bowl.

  1. Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Laksa

Usually, you have to pay $4, $5 & $6 for different bowl sizes. Before we start explaining the taste, ambiance, and core ingredients of this place, it is imperative to keep you in the loop that the stall’s Laska isn’t dense and thick (as compared to other Laksa stalls). Although their Laksa doesn’t contain many ingredients, their Cockles are full of flavor and unique aroma. Some other main ingredients are Plenty of shredded chicken, a gloomy single prawn, numerous taupok pieces & obviously aromatic cockles. Well, honestly, this place also deserves appreciation. So, must visit it too. 

  1. Terry Katong Laksa

As compared to other Katong Laksa chains, this place didn’t get the deserved admiration. It is located in the middle of Bukit Timah food centers and offers super delicious Laksa. You need to pay $3.50 to grab a flavourful bowl of Terry Katong Laksa. Undoubtedly, you can’t compare it with Sungei Road Laksa, but it’s still affordable and enrich with flavors. The gravy is relatively lighter, and coconut milk doesn’t contain the rich flavor of dried shrimps. But still, give this place a try to share your own experience in a better way. 

  1. Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa

This stall is located at Hong Ling Food centers, and the hype about this place is entirely justified. They serve the phenomenal Asian delight Laksa and trust us; no one can compare the taste of this Laksa. The gravy contains some rich ingredients, including dried prawns, dried oysters, scallops, and fresh coconuts. 

Sometimes, you feel like you are enjoying chicken soup due to the perfect ingredients of Laksa. 

  1. Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle

This stall is famous for its Laksa and prawn noodles. In general, you have to pay $3 to get their basic bowl, but if you want something extra, including fried bean curd, cockles, chicken, and prawns, then the total damages are $5 for all such ingredients. However, their “oomph” is a bit oily, but it’s okay because everything else is merely perfect. 

Enjoy Laksa within Your Budget 

Admittedly, the Laksas mentioned above are aromatic, tasteful, and within your budget. So, make a plan with your family, friends, or colleagues and visit all these stalls. 

Most Voted Laksa
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